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Everything in one pack
for Sales & Fundraising

Venture Roof Pack

  • Ultimate Sales Guide

  • Startup Brain

  • 60K+ Investors, 7K+ Advisors, 500+ Accelerators


"Mitchell helped us with LinkedIn outreach with smart automation, and we started getting responses from week #1. Really recommend the Venture Roof."

Askhat Omarov, CEO at Farel (backed by YCombinator)

San Francisco, CA, USA

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“CEO at Venture Roof, Mitchell is one of the best growth hackers I know so far. His cold emails are stunning”

Ravi Belani, Managing Director at Alchemist Accelerator

San Francisco, CA, USA

"We had nothing before this pack. But then I outreached 3000 investors, got 500+ responses, and closed the round within 2 months. Fantastic!"

Dima Abramov, CEO at Speechki (backed by Greycroft VC)

Austin, TX, USA

“Mitchell helped me to automate the lead generation part for the B2B startup. Mitchell is a go-to person if you have questions about automating your marketing stack, SDR job, or investor outreach.”

Yuliia Tkachova,  CEO at Masthead Data (backed by Alchemist)

Toronto, ON, Canada

"Our sales and investors outreach with Mitch's guidance works perfectly. He advised us for over a year, and we still learn many growth hacks. Venture Roof is a MUST!"

Serge Gusev, CEO at ApproveIT (backed by MassChallenge)

Houston, TX, USA


Our founders backed by

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Number #1 Accelerator Globally

Number #1 B2B Accelerator Globally

$2B Venture Capital firm

Sales Guide, build your Traction from 0 to $1M ARR

We cut up the sales process into simple steps, so now, you can afford amazing Go-to-Market with fewer efforts ever.​


This vast knowledge base contains 🔥 Lean Canvas, Marketing Channels, Sales Strategy, Incorporation, a List of communities, a detailed guide on how to Outreach via email and Linkedin, and many more! See below everything on screenshots and get this Guide today!

Inspired 💛 by YC Startup School, Sales Hacker, Winning by Design, BAMF, Lemlist, Close, Hubspot and others

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Startup Brain: Everything on Hand

The gold standard of what a startup needs to look like in the most convenient format MINDMAP.

Here is everything about the Company, Product, Market, Business Model, Sales & Marketing, Fundraising, people, Risk Management, and Financials. 

See below everything on screenshots and get this Mindmap today!

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Find Your Best Investors

Get a list of 60K+ investors: US, EU, Dubai and globally based, Medtech, Crypto, etc.​

Emails, LinkedIn Profile links, Job Titles, and other filters in one spreadsheet.

What Accelerator Fits? Find Out Here

Choose dozens of accelerators from the list of top 500+ accelerators and submit their forms

Find The Growth Advisor

We have collected 7K+ Growth and Startup Advisors in one list. 

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Start Sales & Fundraising with Venture Roof!

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I spoke to more than a thousand founders of startups to find their pain points and carefully put together a solution that fits perfect for you

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Mitchell Kim

Founder at Venture Roof

Advisor at 9 startups

Mentor & Judge & Speaker at Alchemist Accelerator

Want to discuss your case in detail?

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